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1994 Fender JM-66 Jazzmaster Reissue MIJ


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Hi. I am going to just paste in the original description from the House of Offsets back from when I purchased it. It has not left my house since I bought it. I will edit the description wherever necessary – for instance, I have added a Mastery bridge to it. The Blonde finish has aged to an even more yellow in the couple of years I have owned it. Again – never gigged or left the control room. Used for recording a handful of times. I have added current pics, and have tried to capture the dings and finish checking as best as I could. I’m not saying this because I need to sell it, I am saying it because it is true – I have owned maybe 10 or so Jazzmasters in my time, maybe more. This one is one of the best I have ever played as far as feel. Original listing description below from the shop I purchased it from – I can’t sum it up any better:

Fender Jazzmaster Reissue Made In Japan 1994

Back of neck finish removed for playability and tone – customary on virtuoso orchestral stringed instruments such as Stradivarius violins.

PAF medium output Alnico humbucking pickups installed in customized Jazzmaster pickup covers to maintain stock appearance as much as possible.

Expert set up with optimum neck angle in order for stock tremolo/bridge to function best and stay in tune.

Stock pots and wiring maintains Jazzmaster tone without the hum and noise of single coil pickups.

Set up for low action with .010-.046 light gauge strings. – EDIT HERE – this has had heavier gauge strings on it since it’s been in my possession, and tuned to C. If you are using lighter gauge strings, you may need to get a setup.

This is a rare “Limited Edition” model made in 1994 – blonde with gold hardware. According to research only 595 of these were made. The stock Japanese pickups are average for mfr at the time hence the upgrades. All mods are reverse-able. EDIT HERE – Mastery bridge installed that is waaaaaaaaaaay better than the stock one. I am pretty sure I still have / know where it is – stock gold mustang style bridge for it, and I will include it if I can find it. It is not part of the listing though, just in case.

Produced only in ’94, this Jazzmaster matches Pre-CBS specs and features both gold hardware and a semi-transparent blonde finish over an ash body. This is a fine example of one of the most collectible Jazzmaster reissues produced by Fender Japan. The guitar was crafted in the famed Fujigen factory and the fit and finish of this Jazzmaster easily rivals many of Fender’s USA-made offerings. EDIT HERE – lots of Jazzmasters owned over the years. I would say this feels a good bit better than MOST USA-made JM’s I have ever played, in my opinion.

A textbook example of everything we love about the Jazzmaster, the instrument has plenty of twang and sparkle on tap, with a range of powerful and defined tones from the two single coil pickups, and warm, wooly sounds when switched to the rhythm circuit on the guitar’s lower body horn. Nice weight at around 8 lbs. EDIT HERE – I guess that they forgot that the pickups were swapped out for the custom Alnico humbuckers when they were writing this out. Just reminding you here that these are not the original pickups, and that I do not have the original pickups. This is how I purchased the guitar.

The vintage amber-tinted maple neck has a comfortable slender C-shaped profile with nicely rounded shoulders and sanded. The nut has the traditional Fender 1 5/8″ width and the slab rosewood fretboard has a rich, stripey grain pattern and dot inlay. The scale length is a full 25 1/2″, and the fretboard has a vintage Fender spec 7 1/4″ radius. The frets are flawless, with little wear and well-rounded crowns. The guitar plays cleanly up the neck with solid intonation and no buzzing or dead spots. The headstock sports a Pre-CBS style “Spaghetti” Jazzmaster logo, with Kluson-style gold tuning machines which turn smoothly and hold pitch well.

All of the electronics work as they should, and the wiring is stock except for the pickups which are custom Alnico humbuckers. The vibrato unit works smoothly and engages easily for quick warbles and surfy dives. The gloss transparent blonde finish, tortoise shell pickguard, and white plastic parts are in good shape. The “Made in Japan” designation and LE (Limited Edition) prefix serial number are present at the heel of the neck and back of the headstock respectively. As a nearly 30-year-old guitar, we’re comfortable with calling it excellent, and there are only a couple of small nicks on the guitar as a whole

Blonde body with gold hardware (except for the trem bar, which is silver) and all original except for the trem bar EDIT HERE- and the added Mastery bridge – as far as I know. I will include a non-original hardshell case. The case is dinged up but gets the job done.

One last note – I will be on vacation from the 13th until the 17th of April. I will ship this as soon as I get back if it sells while I am gone. Thanks.

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