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2007 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster NOS w/ 2018 Fender American Original 60’s Body – Black


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This is a 2007 Fender Custom Shop 1960 NOS (New Old Stock) Stratocaster, or rather it was. Unfortunately original body, pickups, and electronics got damaged by flooding years back (guitar was on a guitar stand with water level up to middle pickup) so it now has a 2018 Fender American Original 60’s Stratocaster Body from the Fender American Vintage reissue line. The original guitar was Olympic White with gold hardware, but the loaded body I purchased had chrome hardware so I swapped out the neck hardware for chrome hardware as well to match. The neck plate has the serial number from the Fender American Original 60’s guitar the body came from. I’m pretty sure I have all the original gold hardware from the original configuration somewhere, including neck plate with original serial number. It will be included in the package if it is found.

The replacement body was also Olympic White but had this refinished in 2022 by Patrick Sims of Sims Custom Shop and it is now a beautiful gloss black nitrocellulose finish that is way shinier and glossier than anything I’ve ever seen Fender make. A really nice paint job. It also has a real mint green celluloid nitrate pickguard, which is a period correct material for pickguards that even Fender’s Custom Shop doesn’t use. The pickups were replaced with Fender Custom Shop Fat 60’s, which is used in many current modern Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters, and it has an Emerson Stratocaster wiring kit which includes a Paper-in-Oil capacitor, which again, is something that the stock electronics did not have, at least not back in 2007. The neck btw is 9.5″ radius with 6105 frets, the only thing not period correct about this faithful recreation of a 1960 Stratocaster.

The end result is that this thing sounds and plays absolutely killer. Way better than the stock configuration it had. I don’t know what pickups were originally in the guitar, but these Fat 60’s are fantastic and really gives you that John Frusciante sort of Stratocaster sound. Loved this guitar so much that even though the refinish is only a year old, it’s already earned a couple dents and scuffs, and a little chip in the paint. Tried my best to picture every small little blemish. Besides that it’s got a very small amount of visible fret wear, neck is nice and thin, it’s fairly lightweight, and it’s very Stratty. It’s a killer guitar I wish I could keep but like all the other guitars I’m selling, I need the funds to replenish an ailing bank account.

Unfortunately the original case and most of the documents, case candy, COA, etc. were also destroyed by the flood. I have a picture of the original COA from way back when, but it obviously can’t be included. I still have the original hang tag, and the original hardware will be included IF it is found. I’m not totally certain I still have it, but am pretty sure. It will ship with a Fender hardshell case that is not original to the guitar, but it is included in the package.

Price reflects the fact that it doesn’t have its original body, but it does have a period correct body that is still all American Fender and honestly makes no difference to me in how it plays and sounds. It still feels like a Fender Custom Shop guitar simply because of the superior quality of the neck and because no expense was spared bringing this guitar back to life. Someone is gonna get a great guitar at a great price.

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