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Fender AST Aerodyne Stratocaster 2017 – Black


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2017 MIJ Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster

Modified this to be the near-twin of my American Ultra Telecaster, but as that has moved on, so will this one. Very nice neck, no dings on the body. Top-bound basswood body with a light carve to the top. Really just a classy-looking instrument.

Since I bought my first MIJ Fender Telecaster in 1985, I have preferred the Japanese necks and bodies to their Mexican (and many US) counterparts. However, they have a tendency to install very cheap pickups and electronics in otherwise excellent instruments. I have no idea why.

The modifications I made were an anodized aluminum pickguard/backplate, Bootstrap Oatmeal Stout pickups, CTS pots, Orange Drop capacitor, SwitchCraft switch/Jack. I didn’t do anything fancy in terms of wiring or component values, just used better components to allow the instrument to sing a little better.


If you want to go back to ceramic pickups and dime pots, I will be including those too with the original pickguard and backplate.

Serial # JD17010905.

Some serial number decoders (including Fender’s) have issues with JD serial numbers. The JD stands for Japan Dyna (Dyna Gakki factory) and the 17 is the year of manufacture. From what I can tell, this may be an early 2017 model, as supposedly they moved the serial number to the back of the headstock later in 2017.

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