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Lefty ‘MOTHER’ replica MCL Guitars (previously “custom relics”) many pro mods please read


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Important : if you are outside Australia please contact me before buying – as it is a Brazilian rosewood fretboard will need to acquire cites paperwork to ship safely OS – I’m in Melbourne Australia – and would prefer a local buyer if possible. if you’re overseas please just contact me first. Thankyou 🙂

This is an extremely rare custom built strat, I had this made by john at MCL guitars (custom relics around 10 or so years ago and still have some of our email communication available which I will include screen shots of for the buyer as proof of history.
Go to and get a price for a current mother replica – deluxe version – see what it comes to.
listed requests for my build were :
*mother LH
*Brazilian rosewood board
*Large A / AA grade flame maple neck
* Big frets (6000s)
*12” radius
*lightest possible 2pc alder body
*klein 59 pups (all same polarity same wind, no silent positions, as that wrecks the tone and turns the bright bubbly positions of the 2 and 4 on a strat into muddy quack – I wanted srv spank, not modern strat gunk)

It sounds and plays incredible. Very light weight, 3.5kgs/7.6lbs. Large neck, U profile, keep that in mind. It’s chunky. But it makes it a better grip for big bends and abother nice result, once you stretch a set of stings in – it rarely goes out of tune. Even after flights. Extremely stable guitar. Trem arm isn’t in these snaps, but will be included.

Numerous mods/additions :.
*a replica pre cbs serial neck plate.
*installed a early edition Kingtone switch in the bottom tone has variable tone options towards the Albert King squawks and can be set to just open strat mode too. If you don’t know what these are there’s plenty of examples on line.
*period correct spag logo decal was added by my guitar tech, who meticulously copied the outside edge of my 64’s strat decal – the headstock had no logo when I got it from custom relics it came blank. Also note – this is one of the early guitars which still had the standard fender headstock – if you order one now I am pretty sure they are altered. And I would assume there’ll be a long waiting list.
The detail in the relic work and finish overall is pretty incredible, he used two shades of Olympic white, one slightly tinted to mimick years of uv and the other I assume normal Olympic, very accurate colour undercoat/fullerplast/body dip beneath the SB and the burst poking through also right on point. Not over painted either – very thin coats which are subtly relicing further naturally just from gigs.

The logo on the back was from custom relics, and looks killer, says custom relics. It appears suspiciously familiar to another custom logo.
The frets have a little bit of wear in the normal spots but nothing a minor fret dress won’t clean up. They are large frets and haven’t been dressed yet. Still decades of Albert king 3 tone bends left in em.
Feels and sounds like pre cbs strat. It’s throaty and chimey before you even plug it in. And as close as any lefty is going to find to Sayce’s 63 ‘mother’ strat.

Truly regrettable sale – buyer will be chuffed.

Thanks for looking

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